Complete Induction Cleaning & Upper Induction Cleaning

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When fuel economy begins to fail, there are hundreds of false promises that some auto repair shops will throw your way. They make promises that they can improve fuel economy with a few simple steps. When you hear this, run the other way. Fuel economy can be negatively affected in more ways than one, and often a simple fuel injection service or a fuel system cleaning is not enough. When fuel economy begins a steady incline, First Class Truck can help.

The induction system of a vehicle is responsible for drawing air into the engine. Over time this entire system can become dirty due to the buildup of particulates. One of the most important aspects of the induction system is the throttle body. It is also the portion of the induction system that tends to have the most problems with build up. A throttle body is responsible for releasing outside air into the fuel system to mix with the fuel. When this system begins to malfunction, fuel economy plummets. When this happens the entire induction system will need to be looked at by a professional.

A complete induction system cleaning requires special attention. The specialized coating of the throttle body can be easily damaged during home induction system cleaning. In order to clean the system properly you need highly ­specialized equipment. The induction system must be pressurized, and the use of certain chemical cleaners are necessary. You can save your fuel economy without paying for unnecessary services.

First Class Truck can take care of induction system cleaning services on all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Just give us a call today to learn more!