Complete EGR Service

Proudly Serving the Evans & La Salle, CO Communities

First Class Truck & Auto Service has been providing quality Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) services in Greeley for over 31 years. Your car or truck's EGR valve is essential when it comes to lowering your vehicle's exhaust emissions and is a recommended service for every 50,000 miles your car travels. The valve works by recirculating gases emitted from your car's engine and putting them back into your vehicle's intake manifold to use and burn again. If your vehicle's EGR valve is worn out or in need of repair, your car may not pass it's next emissions test and should be serviced by a certified auto technician.

Preventive EGR Valve Maintenance

Our licensed auto technicians have the experience and specialized tools necessary to remedy your car’s engine performance issues quickly and efficiently. When you come by our auto shop in Greeley, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your vehicle’s EGR valve for any clogs and system passage problems and recommend the best repair solution for you.

Signs It's Time To Replace Your EGR Valve

  • Your car's check engine light is on
  • You experience an unexpected loss of power
  • Car will not run smoothly and shakes
  • Vehicle stalls before driving
  • You hear tapping sounds coming from your engine
  • Your car engine idles erratically

Hiring A Certified Auto Technician In Greeley

When you call the experts at First Class Truck & Auto Service in Greeley, you can rest assured your car or truck will be serviced by ASE Certified Master Technicians. Don’t wait until you have engine performance problems to have your EGR valve properly cleaned. Contact our car repair specialists today to schedule an appointment!