First Class Truck & Auto Service, Inc.


Very friendly and good service

Israel S

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Wonderful staff, great service! Very knowledgeable and friendly


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Had a wonderful experience with Fist Class Auto. Air conditioning fixed on 2 cars while fixing the F150 some belts and needed changed. Above
and beyond customer service

Stacy C

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Have never had a bad experience at First Class.

Brian W

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I've been going to First Class Truck & Auto for both personal and business vehicles for almost 14 years. Tim and crew are great, honest and ethical. I've never had to take a vehicle back after having it repaired. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Elaine H.

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Very helpful doing a check on a suburban before I bought it. Really glad I came in.

Zac I.

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Great people and great service!

Suzi T.

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Always honest work and great service.

Mikaela L.

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Very reasonable and knowledgeable service.

Jeremy M.

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I needed a catalytic converter installed and it was done in less than 2 hours and it was very affordable as well! Very nice people and great service

Brinson F.

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I had a transmission flush performed here on my 2014 Ford Explorer with 125k miles. Tim recommended BG cleaner and additive. What a difference the service made. Acceleration feels stronger and shifts feel smoother. Great price and they completed the work quick. Highly recommend.

Garry R.

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The staff here are super friendly, they work hard to get the job done fast and affordably. Pat is very knowledgeable and was able to answer my questions quickly and courageously. I will definitely come back.

Bethany H.

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I have gone here for years... Great service and honest people. A+.

Megan S.

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Honest people talk to you about what needs done to your vehicle.

Deb S.

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We were from out of state and camping up on a mountain and our generator went out. We were still under warranty and called our dealer to get info on where to go. So we called Jayco and he did some research for us and gave us First Class Truck & Auto Service, told us they could get us in tomorrow. When we got there they were able to take a look at it and go ahead get it fixed for us. Pat is an awesome technician! Everyone there was super friendly and accommodating. We would recommend them highly!

Debbie C.

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My vehicles have been serviced by First Class Truck & Auto Services for more than 10 years. Because of the quality of work, honesty and service they have earned my business for life.

Some shops may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Cheap is not always the answer, especially when it comes to quality repairs and quality parts on your vehicle - which is an investment.

Highly recommend First Class Truck & Auto Service, Inc for they stand by behind their work as well as parts.

Cheap parts are simply that...CHEAP parts. Quality parts will always win over cheap parts...

Thank you First Class Truck and Auto Service, Inc for your QUALITY standards, honesty, friendliness and excellent customer service!

KarKar B.

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Our family has been using First Class for 8 years and have always been impressed with their complete honesty and frankness relative to servicing our vehicles. I would fully recommend them to anyone...and do recommend to everyone!

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Great experience with very knowledgeable mechanics. My AC was sluggish and I had an issue with a tire losing pressure. I was in and out quickly as you would expect with something so minor.
Thank you First Class Truck and Auto!

Cair W.

They're amazing, they explain exactly what's wrong, what needs to be done. We are moving soon and they were able to get us in and get our truck fixed and they were amazing. They are nice, friendly and understanding. They honestly do their best to help, and it's greatly appreciated!!!


I have taken many vehicles to Tim over the years and will continue to. He and his crew are great at diagnosing issues and fixing them. They are very good at being transparent and explaining things to those of us who are not mechanically inclined. Karla is amazing and very nice. They call and get any additional work approved. I reccomend them to my friends and family all the time. Would not trust anyone else with my vehicles.

Andrew M.