Complete Electrical System Test

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The electrical system of a vehicle is one of the main things that allows the vehicle to get from point A to point B. Without a functioning electrical system a vehicle will not even turn on, let alone get the engine to turn over. The electrical system of any vehicle is complex and consists of many different aspects that can fail due to age, part failure, corrosion and more. Auto electrical repair and maintenance services are very important to keeping any vehicle on the road.

How The Electrical System Functions

Routine car maintenance can ensure that an electrical system continues to function at optimal levels, but do you know how the electrical system of your vehicle works? Aside from the battery, there are major electrical components that allow your vehicle to start up every morning. The battery is not functional without the alternator or the starter. The battery is the part that supplies the power to the starter. When the battery provides the electricity that the starter needs to turn over, it then supplies the alternator with the electricity that is needed to run the battery during a drive. While these three aspects of the electrical system are the most well known, there are fuses, switches, gauges, wires, and other accessories that are imperative to proper function.

Determining When Your Vehicle Needs Repairs

Most owners will know the moment they need car repair services, even if they do not realize that it stems from the electrical system. The electrical system is responsible for powering a vehicle, therefore, it is important that schedule maintenance and repair appointments are kept.

Most common symptoms of electrical system failure:

  • Slow Startup: When you turn the key in the ignition and it takes a few extra seconds to start up, you may need to replace the battery or a fuse.
  • Low Battery Fluid Levels: This will have to be manually checked by opening up the hood and taking a look through the translucent casing that surrounds the battery.
  • Corrosion: Take a look at the battery, is there corrosion? If there is, it might be time to change your battery.
  • Weak lights: Weak lights (headlights and/or interior lights) can be a sign of power of a failing electrical system.

Difficulties starting an engine does not necessarily mean that you have a battery problem. The starter and alternator are also integral parts and should be dealt with appropriately. A battery should last (on average) between 3 - ­5 years. So when you need auto electrical repair or maintenance services, contact First Class Truck & Auto to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle's electrical system tested.