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Regular maintenance of the front differential system (also known as the transaxle system) is a commonly forgotten vehicle maintenance step. Forgetting to service the front differential system can lead to huge (and very costly) vehicle repair bills. The front differential system is not a well-known aspect of normal vehicle knowledge to non­professionals. The front differential system is responsible for monitoring wheel speed. A faulty differential can increase the instability of a vehicle’s wheels. Differential service should be completed at certain intervals to ensure that your vehicle keeps running smoothly. Differential service is not usually necessary on vehicles that are relatively new. This service is usually completed between 30,000-­50,000 miles, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Another aspect of the front differential system that many people overlook is the fact that the differential fluid that is used doubles as the transmission fluid. This fluid is necessary to keep all of the differential components lubricated. It should be noted that this is very different from rear differential fluid. After a long time, the fluid and the differential gears may become overly dirty, thus creating a problem with front wheel speed. When this occurs it is necessary that a complete front differential service is completed. This process is also necessary for vehicles that function with synthetic fluids.

First Class Truck And Auto Service understands that not everyone is an expert when it comes to vehicle maintenance, so we strive to fill this gap in knowledge. We offer complete front differential services because we know how important it is to vehicle performance. Here are some of the services that are offered through our complete front differential service:

  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Draining/Replacing Differential Fluid
  • Repairs to Differential System
  • Complete System Cleaning