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Complete Rear Differential Service

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A vehicle’s rear differential is an incredibly important part that is overlooked more often than not. The differential system is fully responsible for powering the wheels by transferring energy from the engine.

Four-­wheel drive vehicles, unlike sedans, are equipped with a front and rear differential to maintain power and control. Rear differential service and repair should be a priority for vehicle owners. Four­-wheel drive vehicles experience much more wear and tear on their differential systems than front-wheel drive vehicles.

A complete rear differential service or repair may be necessary even earlier if a vehicle is taken off­-roading. Normal maintenance of the rear differential system should include a rear differential fluid change. Changing the differential fluid will improve the safety and reliability of this system. It is important that you keep your vehicle in working order. The longer you let a differential system go without maintenance, the more likely it is to suffer from reliability and safety issues. Any time that you hear any noise coming from the undercarriage of your vehicle or feel that your vehicle is not handling as it once was, contact First Class Truck And Auto Service. We offer complete rear differential services to help our customers stay safe while they are driving!