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Most vehicle history reports do not show the maintenance / services for the vehicle, which is why having our ASE Certified Master Technicians complete a vehicle inspection. Our expert ASE Master Technicians evaluate all the major operating systems of your vehicle during their vehicle inspection procedures such as:

  • Tires: Inspect tire tread, pressure and tire wear
  • Batteries: Check voltage, secure battery tie-downs and conduct a charge / discharge load test
  • Brakes: Check the brake fluid and evaluate wear on the drum, brake pads and rotors
  • Steering and Suspension: Check the power steering fluid level, power steering pump and check for fluid leaks
  • Safety Lights: Check headlights, brake lights, hazard lights and turn signals
  • Windshield Wipers: Examine the windshield and wiper blades
  • Engine: Engine inspection for leaks, damage and maintenance check
  • Fluid Levels: Check the oil levels, coolant levels and washer fluid levels
  • Belts: Check the belt operation and condition
  • Hoses: Check hoses for leaks and condition – if accessible
  • Exhaust System: Examine the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, tailpipes and muffler for damage, cracks and leaks

These range from $100 to $200 (or more) depending on the level of inspection. A thorough inspection will include checking engine compression and a computer engine analysis.