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Installing Camber and Caster Kits

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Maintaining proper wheel alignment takes much more than proper driving. Proper wheel alignment is incredibly difficult to achieve and should only be completed by a professional who knows how to use a wheel alignment machine. In order to maintain wheel tread and vehicle safety, wheels should be aligned on a regular basis. What many people do not understand is that the camber and the caster alignment are imperative to the overall alignment of your wheels. Aligning the camber and caster is just as important for four-wheel alignment.

What is a camber?

Camber is the name for the alignment of the wheel, perpendicular to the road surface. At proper alignment, the camber would be 0°. This is the ideal driving alignment of a wheel. In this position, there is less resistance between the road and the vehicle. 0° camber also allows tires to wear more evenly while helping keep fuel economy at its highest.

What is a caster?

Caster is much more difficult for non-­technicians to understand. The caster has to do with the steering pivot point and the angle it creates with the vehicle. Unlike camber, the caster angle should be slightly positive to improve high­speed stability and steering. The angle of the camber and caster is incredibly important when talking about four-wheel alignment.

Only trained and experienced professionals should repair or install caster and camber kits. Due to the precision that is necessary during wheel alignment, manufacturer camber, and caster angles should always be followed. Misalignment will decrease the performance and safety features of any vehicle. Stop into First Class Truck And Auto Service to learn how our wheel alignment and installation services differ from the competition.