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Proudly serving Evans, CO, and surrounding communities

We are the provider of all maintenance and repairs on all domestic and Asian automobiles excluding Euro vehicles. Our goal is to provide the very best in customer service and quality parts. Our quality control standards are high due to our team which includes ASE Master Technicians, resulting in making First Class Truck And Auto Service one of the very best in the business. We value our customers and work diligently to ensure you are happy with out service.

Complete Lube Service

  • Changing your motor oil on a regular basis helps coat and protect your vital engine parts from excessive friction and heat. The longer you go between oil changes, the more your oil thickens and becomes less effective against engine wear and damage.
  • Go without changing your oil, and you could face extensive engine repairs or replacement. Changing your oil, according to your manufacturer’s recommendations, will keep your engine protected and running efficiently.
  • For high mileage vehicles, we recommend using BG motor oil additive for it prevents oxidation and thickening of engine oil under even the most severe stop-and-go, high-temperature driving conditions while optimizing engine performance. BG MOA® keeps piston ring belts, and hydraulic lifters and is compatible with both synthetic and petroleum-base oils.
  • If you happen to drive where there is a lot of dust, pollution, or pollen, your engine air filter will get dirty more quickly and need to be changed sooner. Since the air filter can only hold so much dirt, and once it is full it hurts fuel economy and may cause damage. It can also contaminate the Mass Air Flow Sensor which will affect drivability and can be fairly expensive to replace.

Rotate Tires / Balance Tires

TPM System Reset

Complete Electrical System Test

  • Difficulties starting your engine do not always mean a battery. The starter and alternator are another integral component of the electrical system that your vehicle cannot run without.
  • The alternator replenishes the battery in order to start your vehicle and power all the accessories.
  • On average, an auto battery will last 3 to 5 years, but driving habits and exposure to extreme elements can shorten the life of your battery.
  • Every automobile manufacturer, whether it be a vehicle, SUV, truck, or van will have a list of intervals for routine maintenance, inspections, and part replacement. Some service intervals are shorter, requiring more frequent maintenance, while other maintenance intervals are longer, occurring once or twice over the life of your vehicle.

A/C & Heating System Maintenance / Repair

  • Our Certified ASE Technicians are ready to examine your automobile’s air conditioning and heater system components and get them all in peak working condition. If you do have a leak, it’s crucial to find its source and fix it.
  • Also, it is important to confirm no other A/C or heating system components have been affected.
  • In winter, it is important to have a properly functioning A/C system to eliminate moisture that fogs up or freezes on the inside of the glass – preventing you from seeing clearly.

Automatic & Manual Transmission Maintenance / Repair

Front-Wheel / Four-Wheel Alignment

  • Common things that throw a wheel out of alignment are potholes, hitting a curb, or something very hard. It can be the regular bumps and bangs of everyday driving that add up and eventually take your vehicle out of alignment. That’s why your owner’s manual may suggest having your alignment checked periodically.
  • Cost varies by whether or not it’s two or four-wheel adjustable. Front-wheel drive vehicles may have an additional charge because they’re more difficult to align.
  • A misaligned vehicle can lead to uneven tire wear, poor handling, shorter tire life, and poor fuel mileage.
  • Install Camber / Caster Kits

General Service Schedule

Auto technicians say the key to keeping vehicles running well today and down the road is routine maintenance. Yet many drivers tend to stall when it comes to keeping up with some everyday auto-basics. A recent survey by the Car Care Council found:

  • 25% of vehicles had low or dirty engine oil.
  • 13% had low or contaminated brake fluid.
  • 18% had dirty air filters.
  • 17% had inadequate cooling protection or low coolant levels.
  • 16% needed new windshield wipers and 27% had low or contaminated washer fluid.
  • 18% needed new belts

Overall, 89% of vehicles were in need of at least one service or repair.

Our Certified ASE Master Technicians are experienced and professional technicians who are well-equipped to handle any repair, maintenance, and service – making First Class Truck & Auto Service, Inc. a one-stop shop for any automotive services you need.

We understand most people are on a budget – we will only perform the repairs/maintenance/service in which you approve for we stand behind every repair we make.