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Prevent Your Radiator From Overheating

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Proudly serving Evans, CO, and surrounding communities

You need a functioning cooling system to keep your engine in top-notch shape. Without plenty of coolant, your engine could overheat or fail altogether. Avoid a disaster by bringing your vehicle to First Class Truck And Auto Service. We complete quick and easy vehicle tune-ups for drivers in the Evans and La Salle, CO areas. Our team will flush your coolant system to remove any dirt, rust or old coolant. Then, we’ll fill your system with fresh coolant to keep your engine at the right temp.

Call 970-330-9038 now to arrange for a coolant system flush.

Know when your system is in trouble

There are warning signs you can look out for before deciding to get a coolant system flush.

You should bring your vehicle into our shop if you notice:

  • Your engine won’t start.
  • Your temperature warning light is on.
  • Your vehicle’s engine constantly overheats.

We’ll get you back on the road in no time with a quick vehicle tune-up. Rely on us to protect your engine with coolant flush services.