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Rotating & Balancing Tires

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Maintaining your tires and gas mileage takes much more than just a steady driving pace. Tire rotation and balancing all four tires will help tires last longer. Normal driving will wear the front tires at a faster rate than the back. This is one of the reasons why rotating tires is so important. Taking the front tires and moving them to the back and vice versa will mean that you will have longer use of all four tires.

Rotating Tires

Every vehicle manufacturer will recommend a specific rotation pattern; front to back, cross rotational, etc. The professional technicians at First Class Truck And Auto Service will rotate tires based on manufacturer guidelines. As with vehicle manufacturers, tire manufacturers have recommendations on how often tires should be rotated.

Balancing Tires

Balancing tires is not an easy concept for vehicle owners to grasp. Some wheels have “heavy” spots that cause the wheel to wobble while driving. These heavy spots have a weight difference that is very slight and is typically due to a manufacturing imbalance that is not detrimental to the safety of the wheel when properly maintained. In order to take the wobble out of the tire, balancing is necessary. First Class Truck And Auto Service will add weight to balance out the weight of each tire. Unbalanced tires often lead to wheel-created vibrations while driving at high speeds. An unbalanced wheel will wear at a faster rate than a balanced wheel. Proper rotation and balancing can be completed by the professional technicians at First Class Truck And Auto Service. With our help, you can keep your vehicle’s tires from uneven wear and tear.