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The starting system consists of a battery, battery cables, a starter motor, a solenoid, an ignition switch, and in some cases, a starter relay. An inhibitor (neutral safety) switch is included in the starting system circuit to prevent the vehicle from being started while in gear.

Batteries are a huge part of modern life. The fact is that 70% of automotive batteries do not make it for 4 years. To extend the life of your battery, remember to keep it clean. If you notice your battery getting dirty, or greasy, if your battery terminals are corroded, we recommend a battery service. A dirty battery runs hotter and that shortens its life. When your battery terminals are corroded, corrosion could get into the battery cables.

Running your battery down will shorten the battery life, such as: running the headlights; or watching a DVD player while your vehicle is turned off can deeply deplete your battery. Most automotive batteries can take about 10 of the deep cycle depletions before they fail.

Because we often take short trips around town with lots of stops for errands, our batteries can end up not getting fully recharged just by driving around, which also shortens battery life.


  • Cleans battery, terminals, and cables
  • Seals battery posts, terminals, and case


Have you ever noticed a bunch of warning lights on your dash when you start your vehicle? They come on briefly to test the circuits and then go off – if everything is okay. One of the warning lights looks like a battery and will let you know if your battery is not charging properly. Your vehicle’s battery stores electricity, and although it may be enough to start your engine and get you going, it may not be holding a charge. The part responsible for generating electricity is the alternator. It is needed in order to run your engine & power your electrical accessories like the stereo, power seats, heater fan, on-board computers, etc.

A typical charging system contains an alternator (generator), drive belt, battery, voltage regulator, and the associated wiring. The charging system, like the starting system is a series circuit with the battery wired in parallel. After the engine is started and running, the alternator takes over as the source of power and the battery then becomes part of the load on the charging system. An alternator will fail at some point and leave you stranded. If you notice any starting issues, please schedule a Complete Electrical System Test with us for it covers testing your battery, starter, and alternator.