TPM System Reset

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TPM System or TPMS stands for "Tire Pressure Monitoring System". This system is responsible for altering the driver of a vehicle that one or more tires are improperly inflated. The TPM system was installed in tires to keep drivers from driving on under or over­ inflated tires because this can cause other problems with a vehicle. The TPM system is attached to the valve stem and need professional installation and replacement.

Little Known Facts About TPM Systems

There are two different types of TPM systems that come standard; direct and indirect. Both systems will trigger a dash­light when tires are over or under inflated. This TPM system is located in the anti­lock brake system and speed sensors.

Resetting The TPM System

  • Determine System: Direct and indirect systems have different TPMS reset protocols. Many direct systems have a reset button built in to the dashboard or it can easily be found by looking through the vehicle's owner's manual. Indirect systems have a much more complicated system.
  • Tires should be manually checked with a tire gauge and checked against manufacturer guidelines.
  • Inflate or deflate as necessary.
  • Tire pressure sensors will need to be recalibrated after the process. This should only be completed by a professional.
  • Completing a TPM system reset should always be done by a qualified professional that has worked with both direct and indirect TPM systems.

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