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A transfer case is specific to four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. The transfer case is responsible for transferring power through the drive shafts. These drive shafts take the transferred transmission power to the axles (both front and rear). It is also responsible for wheel synchronization. Often the transfer of power is done manually by switching from two-­wheel drive to four­-wheel drive (or all-wheel drive).

What is transfer case service?

Transfer case service often refers to changing old and dirty transfer case fluid. Over time this lubricating fluid can become contaminated and will need to be drained and replaced. Due to the fact that transfer case fluid acts as a lubricant and helps cool down gears, problems will arise if this service is put off for too long. It is inevitable that the fluid will begin to break down and since there is no fluid filter within the transfer case, professional maintenance is necessary. Leaks of the seals have also been noted in transfer cases which allows the fluid levels to become low. In both of these instances, the fluid is no longer lubricating the gears effectively.

Auto services such as the transfer care service should be completed with other vehicle maintenance services. Like all other auto parts, transfer cases will begin to wear out. Proper maintenance and repairs will ensure that the transfer case lasts longer. First Class Truck And Auto Service offers reliable and professional transfer case service to all customers.